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March 14, 2022 Paul Leave a comment
World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, focuses on the importance of freshwater to communities. World Water Day raises awareness of the more than 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. A core focus of World Water Day is to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030. What can we do in Australia? It all starts…
June 2, 2021 admin Leave a comment
Australian solar homeowners may soon be facing charges to export their clean solar energy into the power grid, under rule changes being proposed by the Australian Energy Market Commission. The AEMC – an independent statutory body which sets the rules for the electricity market – released a draft report in late March this year, with this new ‘solar tax’ creating a stir of controversy amongst the…
April 21, 2021 admin Leave a comment
Governments in denial across Australia are trying impose a deadly vehicle tax on Electric Vehicles.   A study commissioned by the International Council on Clean Transportation concludes that each year over 369,000 people die globally due to vehicle emissions and as Australia makes up about 0.33% of the world population that means we're losing 1440 Australians to deadly car exhaust emissions each…
March 1, 2021 Paul Leave a comment
If you are experiencing a leak from your hot water system, you should get that actioned as soon as possible. Even a small dripping leak could result in an unwanted gushing event! The best replacement for an old hot water system is a new super efficient and super quiet Sanden Eco Heat Pump hot water system. Save on your bills and emissions. If you can't wait until the next morning for your super…
January 28, 2021 Paul Leave a comment
As the saying goes, "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen".  A slight modification to that saying is relevant to cooking in summer, "if you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, get the kitchen out of the house".  The Achilles heel of an air sealed efficient home is that you still have to eat in summer, and that often means cooking up your summer meals inside.  A reasonable cook…
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About us

We're in the business of reducing your grid energy consumption to zero and below. That means helping you with a serious energy efficiency upgrade combined with solar. Our target is to turn households around to export more energy than they import each year. An important part of this is getting off gas. We supply the best heatpumps, best solar and best know how and we're ready to work with you now to achieve pure electric energy freedom.

Our expert team is lead by veteran renewable energy engineers who will expertly size your hot water, cooling, heating, solar generation, battery storage and/or off grid requirements. We're ready to guide you on your way to no energy bills and pure electric freedom.

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Mal B.

Paul was fantastic. Unlike another plumber who wiped his hands of us, Paul was courteous and patient and was able to guide me through getting our hot water service up and running. He also took the time to explain some ongoing maintenance tips. Very impressed

Mal B.

Paul was fantastic. Unlike another plumber who wiped his hands of us, Paul was courteous and patient and was able to guide me through getting our hot water service up and running. He also took the time to explain some ongoing maintenance tips. Very impressed

Malcolm Botterill

Paul was fantastic. Unlike another plumber who wiped his hands of us, Paul was courteous and patient and was able to guide me through getting our hot water service up and running. He also took the time to explain some ongoing maintenance tips. Very impressed

Alicia Oxlade

We have an unusual water system which leaves most plumbers baffled but the guys at Pure Electric were able to get it sorted with no problems at all. Efficient, knowledgeable and great customer service. Highly recommend

Ken Weng

Very happy with my newly installed Sanden Heat Pump. It's so quiet and energy efficient. I had it programmed to run during the day to utilise my solar panels. My energy usage has reduced by at least 60% without hurting my solar export much at all. Pure Electric was easy to deal with from quotation to installation. Thanks guys.

Liz B.

I am delighted with my new heat pump. The hot water comes on immediately at the tap, it also was installed in such a way that it looks very neat etc. I am most happy about the prospect of reducing my greenhouse gas emissions. Thank you.


"Great company committed to the environment and customer service. Appreciated being able to speak direct with Matthew and Paul who were happy to answer our many questions. Excellent product and quality installation."

Alan D.

Right from the first phone call to make general enquiries, Matthew has been pleasant and informative. His plumbing and electrical tradesmen were also pleasant and efficient, despite having a difficult site to work in. The result of their work is a very neat system. I would highly recommend this company.


We were experiencing issues with our Sanden heat pump. Called Pure Electric, expecting to book someone to investigate and repair the issue. Instead I had a informative chat with friendly staff who offered some free tips and advice I could do myself which resolved my issue. Thanks again Pure Electric.

Nam Truong

Bought a Sanden Water pump from Pure Electric in mid 2020. Incredibly happy with both the product and service provided by Matt! Also the price was the best I could find after contacting a few suppliers. These guys are definitely the way to go! The hot water heat pump has saved by hundreds off my electricity bill each month!


Just installed Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water Service. Excellent, efficient and well organised company . Research on line and conversations firmed my opinion that their product was the best on the market. Congratulations Paul and Matthew. From my experience Pure Energy is an excellent company providing a quality product at a fair price.

Richard C

"Our Sanden Heat Pump had started to rattle. Paul talked me through various tests (and also how to reset the clock and block out timer) and the rattle has gone- hopefully for ever. He was very helpful."


We did some research on what would be the be the best type of HWS for our household. The Sanden heat pump runs very economically and always delivers hot water. It is a big improvement on the instantaneous gas system we used in our previous house.


Easy single-day installation of Sanden Heat Pump hot water system supplied at a competitive price. Programming query promptly answered. Good communication for install and billing. The unit is super-quiet. Ultra low flow shower head thrown-in and providing divine showing experience. Highly recommended!

Sharon & Clude Tucker

Very straight forward process. Ordered & paid for system. Delivered in a couple of Days. When ready to connect & Install contacted supplier .Accredited Plumber arranged with 3 - 4 days he came & Connected & system working in 2 1/2 hours


We were in a bind after an electrical storm hit requiring phone assistance. The technician I spoke with was courteous, quick to the punch and he knew his equipment like the back of his hand. The experience was an absolute pleasure.

Tom R

Very knowledgeable team, great communication. Highly recommend them for managing a solar system install. We will definitely utilize their services for future additions and upgrades to our system. The system was installed through Solargain and the team service was also 5 star.

Andre Rabe

"Matthew from Pure Electric was helpful with all my enquiries about the heat pump system. Once I had decided on the purchase, installation was arranged within two days. The installers were professional and did a fantastic job, removing the old HWS and cleaning up when the job was finished. Thanks for a hassle free purchase and installation."

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