Benefits of the Daikin Nexura include:

  • 500% efficient:  The most efficient radiant heating heat pump in Australia.
  • Can cool as well as heat: The Nexura is just like a reverse cycle AC; if you get hydronic heating, should you want to cool your house, you'll also need to buy air conditioners.  The Daikin Nexura saves you this cost which can be up to $10,000 for a large home.  
  • No heating loop losses: Hydronic heaters lose up to 20% in their heat loop.

If you think your Daikin Nexura needs cleaning/maintenance, take a look below for do's and don'ts:

  • Wait for a while before cleaning the unit after RADIANT operation. The surface temperature of the radiant panel may be high immediately after the operation.
  • Before cleaning be sure to stop operation and turn the circuit breaker off (if unsure seek expert advice).
  • Do not touch the aluminium fins of the indoor unit, they may be hot.

For cleaning, do not use any of the following materials:

The air conditioner stops generating air flow during operation.

Once the set temperature is reached, the airflow rate is reduced and operation is stopped in order to avoid generating cool airflow (during heating) or in order to keep the humidity from rising (during cooling). Operation will resume automatically when the indoor temperature rises or falls.

Unit does not start immediately when “ON/OFF” button was pressed, soon after operation was stopped or when a new mode is selected.

If your Daikin Nexura outdoor unit emits water or steam, here are some of the reasons this might be the case:

In HEAT or RADIANT operation

The frost on the outdoor unit melts into water or steam when the air conditioner is in defrost operation.

In COOL or DRY operation

Moisture in the air condenses into water on the cool surface of outdoor unit piping and drips.

Your Daikin Nexura will make certain noises as part of its normal operation (if you hear noises outside this list you may need to take action or contact your local AC mechanic): 

The following is a list of noises you may hear that are not a cause for concern:

A sound like a flow of water: