The ValveCosy, a Hot Water Service PTR Valve cover - combined with the Sanden Eco Plus hot water system and you have the ultimate combination for the most efficient hot water in Australia.

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Why get the ValveCosy?

Reduce heat loss, conserve energy, save money – insulating your PTR valve can save around 7% on your hot water heating bills depending upon your location.

These easy-to-fit (no plumber required) insulating covers are designed to fit neatly over the Pressure/Temperature Relief (PTR) valve on your hot water service.

Here is a short video to show how easy it is to install.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, this is an elegant solution for a largely hidden problem.

In these times of rising energy costs, it makes good sense to avoid wasting energy – if only because by doing so you also avoid wasting money.

(Studies in Melbourne have shown a reduction in heat loss of around 7% compared with an uninsulated PTR valve.)

You can also learn more about the ValveCosy here