Our comprehensive energy audit gives you the information you need to put you on a path towards energy independence.

We examine your lighting, heating, cooling, hot water, appliances, building envelope, and more!

Our engineers will provide you with comprehensive advice on the latest technological solutions to get off gas, including economic analysis of the capital costs, annual savings and payback period.

What we cover:

✅ Level 2 Energy audit methodology complies with Australian Standard AS3598:2000;

✅ A detailed inspection to reveal wasteful energy for all fuels – electricity and gas;

✅ We examine the passive house components – insulation, draught-proofing, windows;

✅ We examine all energy uses – lighting, heating, cooling, hot water, cooking, appliances;

✅ A list of recommendations including capital cost, annual savings and payback periods;

✅ A detailed 14 – 16 page report outlining the methodology, analysis and recommendations.