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Our off-grid solutions include solar power and battery storage and result in complete grid independence. Pure Electric are the off-grid energy experts who provide complete off-grid solar system packages Australia wide.

Pure Electric are a leading supplier of off-grid solar systems and off-grid solar power solutions. We are leading experts in the field of off-grid systems and only use the best quality and most reliable equipment.

Why choose Pure Electric for your 24/7 off-grid power supply?

✅  We only use the highest quality products on the market, for 100% energy security.

✅  We offer a 10 year hardware warranty, we stand behind our systems.

✅  Our systems are expertly designed so that minimal usage of a petrol/diesel back up generator is required.

Our off-grid solution itemised (system components)

✅  Our microgrid solution - Selectronics SP Pro - Click here for more information on the Selectronics SP Pro

✅  Solar Inverter - Fronius Inverter (SCERT modelled - certified to work with Selectronics SP Pro) - Click
here for more information on our Fronius Inverters

✅  Solar Panels - Choose one of our fantastic solar PV panels to work with your off grid energy system - Click here for more information on our rooftop solar PV options

✅  Home battery storage - BYD LVL storage - Selectronic approved managed battery


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Selectronics SP PRO Series II Datasheet

Selectronics SP PRO Series II Datasheet

Selectronics SP PRO Series II Datasheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your solar system should cover your power needs 95% + of the time, however we highly recommend a good quality, automatic start generator to ensure you have energy security and full power capacity throughout the worst days of winter.

  • Yes, STC rebates are available where you have a Fronius SCERT inverter coupled with a Selectronic SP Pro micro-grid.  This is a standard solution we offer. 

  • The cost to go off-grid will depend on your expected/anticipated energy demand. With knowledge of your energy demand we can then help you size your battery storage, solar PV, generator, microgrid inverter, etc.

    It is worth noting that connecting a new block to the power grid can cost between $15,000 and $50,000 depending on the situation. And a typical energy bill for the average household is around $3000-$4000 per year (or higher in colder areas).  Given the cost of grid connection and supply, a well maintained and high quality off-grid system is likely to be cheaper in the long run (20 years +), depending on your particular situation (if grid connection is >$30,000 you can pretty much assume off-grid will be cheaper).   


What they are saying about us

Our property in Clifton Creek, 20 km north of Bairnsdale, East Gippsland has been an 'Off Grid' powered home for 35 years, but recently we have put in place more modern energy efficient and reliable h...

John Hermans

Get off gas, fossil and fracking free is their motto and that's what we've done. Thanks to the team at pure electric, Dave who plumbed our Sanden hot water heat pump, Mike and Vu who did our four Daik...

Thanh Nguyen

From the start to finish pure electric were fantastic. Our hot water suddenly started leaking significantly that on closer inspection was determined the unit was no longer viable. We had booked some ...

Kym S.

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