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  • Solar Victoria Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program - UPDATE (30/12/2022)

    The Victorian Government (Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program (HHCU)) have advised they will no longer receive applications after Friday, 30 December 2022.

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  • Daikin Perfera FVXM-R. Product Features - Daikin Perfera - FVXM-R: Seasonal efficiency values up to A+++ in cooling and heating, Heat boost quickly heats up your home when starting up your air conditioner...

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  • Where can I purchase a Daikin in Australia? Heating/Cooling heat pumps Daikin is exclusively available from Pure Electric Solutions. VIC: 0385953833-ACT: 026225 8115-SA: 0871236454 -NSW: 0290377311-QLD: 0730599729-WA: 0862444348

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  • Why Choose Daikin? Experts in Air Conditioning, Specialist Dealer Network, Quality After Sales Support, Asthma Council Sensitive Choice, Benefits of Daikin Technology, and more things...

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  • Daikin Perfera - FVXM-A with contents about Product Features , Benefits , Specifications. Design floor standing unit for optimal heating comfort thanks to unique heating features.Product Features, Seasonal efficiency values up to A++ in heating...

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  • About and Key Features Daikin Perfera- Elegantly designed floor standing heat pump that is whisper quiet, energy efficient and provides fresh air quality in your home, leaving your air safe to breathe.It's the unique features of Daikin products that makes us the world leader...

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  • Are you contemplating buying an evaporative cooler this summer – well, my advice is don’t because these deliver terribly poor performing and inefficient cooling and they’re expensive to uninstall.

    Evaporative cooling is primitive, outdated and has been superseded by advances in modern, fast and efficient reverse cycle air-conditioning which is based on a variation of the same technology that runs our kitchen fridge, reliably keeping our food from spoiling day in and day out.

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