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  • Solar Victoria Solar Business

    Eligible businesses can apply for a rebate of $3,500 to install a solar panel system, with the option to take advantage of an interest-free loan up to $5,000.


    Eligibility Criteria:

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  • Solar Victoria Announce Solar PV Now Available For Homes Under Construction

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    In case you were interested in applying for a Solar Victoria (Victorian Government) Solar Homes Program Rebate - we have prepared a summary below to answer some common questions we get regarding the Program - their main web page ->

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  • For your solar PV monitoring - Fronius - you can utilise the "Night Mode" setting if you would like to observe your load data when the solar PV system is turned off overnight.

    Go to the Fronius inverter and do the following:

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  • PV-ezRack SolarRoof Isolator Shade Installation Guide. Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarRoof Isolator Shade is an accessory in the PV-ezRack roof-top PVmounting system, suitable for PV array AC/ DC isolators. ...T he installer is solely responsible for: Ensuring that PV-ezRack ...

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  • A backyard pool is a major drawcard in summer, your house will certainly be popular amongst your friends and neighbours as things heat up, but what will probably not be popular with you is paying for pool operation and maintenance costs, especially energy costs.

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  • Factors to consider when choosing your solar system

    So you want to go solar and save your hard earned money by generating your own power instead of making a quarterly donation it to the power companies, who only ever seem to raise power prices.

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  • On the face of it Snowy hydro 2.0 is an attractive idea, for both nostalgic and technical reasons.

    It is the next generation upgrade to the iconic hydro project that has a cultural impact beyond the realm of technology mainly due to the fact it was built by a multinational crew of post war immigrants, a demonstration of what can be done if the nations of the world co-operate rather than fight.  

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  • A key reason that someone would get rooftop solar is because they would dearly love to never pay another power bill again. The problem is it is not immediately obvious which PV system will eliminate your bill as it depends on a number of factors.   If you are unfamiliar with solar it is difficult to know what questions to ask a solar retailer and how to distinguish valid claims from invalid claims. So how do know what your annual power bill is likely to be for a given solar system?  Here is a broad overview of how to work that out:

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