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Sanden Eco Heat Pump FQS FQV Smart Controller Blockout Timer


Sanden Eco Plus Heat Pump FQS FQV (GAU-A45HPC) Blockout Timer Instructions

How to access the Control Panel, Setting the Time, Setting the Block Out Timer, Accessing Maintenance Mode.

With the clock timer set for local time (not Daylight Savings time if applicable), the Sanden will automatically attempt a daily cycle at 10am local time. The blockout timer is an additional feature if you wish to run the Sanden during particular periods e.g. overnight 11pm - 6am if you have an off peak tariff or if you have solar PV at standard FiT rates to capture your excess solar PV production.

Most commonly selected blockout time is to run during the middle of the day when the solar PV production is at its typical maximum i.e. between 11am to 4pm.

So therefore on the blockout timer, for this setting, it is recommended to set up the blockout timer to be "1611".

Block out time setting mode

This mode is used to set the block out time that blocks the heat pump unit operation within the setting time. Block out times are used if the customer has a time of use tariff.

Change the mode

Press and hold down Up and Down keys together in the clock display mode to go to the block out time setting mode. Once the mode is changed, ‘bo’ and ‘00XX’ (00 = start time, XX = end time) are displayed. (Initial setting = 00 o’clock for both start and end)

Adjust set block out start time

Press Up or Down key and ‘00’ (start time) in ‘00XX’ starts flashing and ‘XX’ (end time) illuminates. Now the block out start time can be adjusted. Setting can be performed only in hour increments, not in minutes.

Set block out start time

Press the Enter key to set the desired time setting. After the start time is set, the start time display stops flashing. The end time display starts flashing at the same time.

Adjust block out end time

Set to the desired end time by using Up and Down keys. Setting can be performed only in hour increments, not in minutes.

Set block out end time

Press enter key to adjust the desired time setting. After the end time is set, the start time and end time are displayed for two seconds, then it starts to display ‘bo’ and ‘00XX’ (00 = start time, XX = end time) by turns.

Go back to clock display mode

Hold down Enter key to go back to the clock display mode. It will automatically go back to the clock display mode when no panel operation is performed for more than 60 seconds. Block out time setting mode cannot be set unless the end time setting is confirmed.

Cancel block out setting

To cancel the block out setting, set both start and end times to ‘00’. Setting to other than ‘00’ (01 ~ 23) will be interpreted as a setting error and the end time will flash. Make sure to set both times to ‘00’ when cancelling the block out time setting

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