If you unfortunately have to face a problem using our Hot Water Heat Pump system, please check the following items, before seeking for professional help.

Status Considerable  Causes Action to Take
No hot water comes out of water tap
The temperature of hot water is too low
Small or no hot water left in the storage tank. - Stop using hot water and wait for about 1 hour
- Consider a change of the electricity supply off-peak mode (Length of power- supply hours may be too short for the water heating cycle to cover the hot water consumption)
Air removing procedure from the heat pump system may be insufficient. - Open the water drain plugs on the Heat Pump Unit to remove air from water circuit. (Be careful for burning)
Filter on cold inlet connector may be blocked. - Check the filter and remove if there is any blockage
Water flow speed may be dropped due to the heat pump piping bend, blockage or crush. - Check for any piping bend or crush and remove if any
Pipes may be frozen. - If frozen area is found on the piping, melt the ice on the pipe and provide a heat insulation
Stop valve is closed. - Open the valve
Air absorption is not sufficient due to a blockage on the evaporator. -Remove the object blocking the air flow through the evaporator
(e.g. fallen leaves,grass, snow, etc.)


- Do not turn off the electricity supplied to the heat pump system even if you go away from home and not useing hot water for a long while.

- If the system is equipped with freeze protect heaters, also do not turn off the power supply to the heaters.

- Failure to do so may cause the pipes to crack, due to freezing.

For those problems not listed in the list above, an inspection provided by a skilled engineer is required. Please contact us