The Liberal National anti-party



The Liberal National anti-party.


The Liberal party has delivered us some good people on climate and energy (after they quit office)  of note are John Hewson who seems to have his eye on the climate emergency we are facing along with former Clean Energy Finance Corporation Chair Oliver Yates who is now running as an independent against Josh Frydenberg.


But for the rest of them and those in power today let’s just say it’s abundalty clear.


The Federal Liberal party along with many of their state counterparts are Anti-wind power, anti-solar, anti-carbon-tax and now anti electric vehicles.  In the day, of course they were anti optical fibre NBN internet and look at where that has got us to.  The biggest backwater in broadband around the world surpassed by rocking first world economies such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam and absolutely left in the dust by Singapore and South Korea.


How can you be anti-electric vehicles?  It’s like going against computers.  Imagine the campaign the Liberals would be running "No we can’t force people to type"  "we can’t take their weekend crossword from them".  Or iphone and android smartphones "we can’t have those or people will lose the ability to call a households common phone."  What will happen with members of the family whaling “I’ll get it” or “I’m busy you can get it”  This fundamental change to the social dynamic will rot society to the core would be their mantra.


Or the conservatives could get with the times and embrace the future which is universal optical fibre internet, renewable energy on-site and off-site that means full solar roofs, a cheaper version of what is espoused by Elon Musk, Hot Water heatpumps such as the industry leading Sanden and high performance air conditioners such as the Daikin US7.  And of course when the cost is right for everyone to have a Tesla Powerwall 2 or equivalent.


Then there’s this.... hmm history repeats - Reporter: Horses have greater endurance than men so cars are unnecessary
Thomas Edison: I beg to differ ...
Pic: Launceston Examiner, 1896



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