Sanden Eco Plus System

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  • Enjoy the higher STC rewards even before you turn a hot water tap on.
  • Why purchase a Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System?
  • How a Sanden Eco® Plus System Works.
  • Superior Features and Benefits.
  • How Sanden delivers better Performance and Savings

When should you replace your old gas appliances with electric

October 16, 2019 manager Leave a comment
So you have come to the realisation that it makes more financial sense to replace your existing gas appliances (namely your cook-top, central heater and gas hot water) with their more efficient electric equivalents (namely an induction cook-top, a Daikin US7 space heater and a Sanden heat pump hot water system) but the question you ask yourself is, when should I take the plunge, when should I replace my existing (and still functional) gas services and go all-electric?