Firstly the US7 and other AC units can't really be compared one-for-one on efficiency alone.  Most AC units are forced air heating devices while the Daikin US7 is a comfort solution. That's what sets it apart from all others along with being the lowest cost to run / lowest energy consuming air conditioner / heat pump on the market.

The reason it's so much better for comfort is that it includes a built in humidifcation unit valued at $500-1000 which harvests moisture from the outside air.

In addition it  emits fresh air rather than recycled air so you can fill  your house with fresh filtered air rather than progressively more stale air. Also, the way it distributes air by drawing from the top and bottom of the unit, as opposed to just the top, reduces air disturbance in the room (being blasted with warm air is not ideal).

Comfort = Air movement + humidity + temperature. Where Air movement should be slow (approximately 0.1 m/s), humidity is ideally 50% and temperature around 21 C ° 

So a major difference between the US7 and other AC units, apart from much greater efficiency, is the higher level of comfort (and fresher air) it creates in your home.

Efficient and cheap to run 

The US7 heater air-conditioner is more than 600% efficient compared to direct electric systems and more than 900% efficient when compared to average existing gas ducted systems.  To put it in different terms the unit uses 1/6 the energy of a conventional electric resistive heater and 1/9th the energy of an average existing gas ducted heating system to provide the same amount of heat to your home.

Less than 4 c/kWh, that's how much the popular 2.5kW (cooling) / 3.6kW (heating) US7 (model FTXZ25NV1B) will typically cost to run in an Australian household. If you combine it with a home solar system, which we recommend and are happy to supply, then it will cost even less - around 1-2 c/kWh to operate (based on Victorian average Powershop electricity rates).

Additional benefits of the US7

  • Award-winning design: The US7 won the prestigious, 2013 reddot design award in the air conditioning category. 
    Daikin US7 Ururu Sarara 7 reddot design award 2013 - best design heatpump
  • Intelligent humidity control: Avoids dry air in winter and dehumidifies in summer.
  • Fresh air, all year round:  Ventilation and purification, guided by a motion-based intelligent eye, for fresh air when and where you need it.
  • User-friendly control:  Control it with a wireless remote control, via an app or as part of your home automation system.
  • Energy Efficiency: The only unit to achieve a 7 star rating from the Federal Government. Thanks to advanced energy-saving technologies it uses 30% less energy than conventional split systems.
  • Auto clean: The US7 automatically cleans its filters for up to 25% additional energy savings

To ensure you aren't under sizing or over sizing your Daikin US7, we generally like to get an idea of:

  • Your ceiling insulation level.
  • Which direction the windows face in the room you plan to put your US7.
  • The floor area you want to heat in m2
  • The total area of glass in the rooms you want to heat in m2 (i.e. the total size of all of your windows).
  • Ratio of floor area to glass area.
  • Individual window size.

These help us estimate your recommended heat or cool load to determine what size is required.