For your solar PV monitoring - Fronius - you can utilise the "Night Mode" setting if you would like to observe your load data when the solar PV system is turned off overnight.

Go to the Fronius inverter and do the following:

+ Step 1: Push the Left/Right button until you see "SETUP" (the symbol looks like a spanner cross with a screwdriver) and press ENTER (physical button furthest to the right)

+ Step 2: Scroll down until you see, "Display Settings", press ENTER

+ Step 3: Scroll once down again to, "Night Mode", press ENTER

+ Step 4: Click the + or - buttons to switch the "Night Mode" setup parameter to "ON", press ENTER

And now you should see your overnight usage will be displayed in your Fronius Solar.web account.

Yes, you can use a Fronius Datamanager 2.0 box and connect the Fronius Smart Meter to it. This can then be added as a PV system in Fronius Solar.web to visualise the consumption values.

In case of space constraints in the switch board, rope CT’s can be used. Please note that rope CT’s are voltage reference CT’s, which are smaller than current reference CT’s and can only be used along with the 480VUL Fronius Smart Meter. So, if you have proposed a system with a 50 kA Fronius Smart Meter and you have space constraints in the main switchboard, then you can solve the situation by having a 480V UL Fronius smart meter with rope CT’s.

Using a Fronius Smart Meter it is possible to export limit on the Fronius Symo Hybrid but not on the Fronius Symo inverter because the Fronius Smart Meter will be connected to the Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter, which in turn cannot be daisy chained with the Fronius Symo inverter.

Yes, if your export limit is equal to or greater than the other inverter’s output capacity this can be done. Please note: The Fronius Smart Meter will not control the power output of the third-party inverter. For example: If the third-party inverter is 1.5 kW and Fronius inverter is 5 kW and there is only 5 kW allowed to export, then the export limitation value that can be set on the Fronius inverter is 5 kW.

No, this is not possible because having two smart meters under a single system will lead to an incorrect visualization of the consumption values in Fronius Solar.web. However this is possible when one smart meter is set to feed-in point and the other smart meter is set to consumption path. This configuration is possible only if a combination of Fronius Datamanager 2.0 box and Fronius Datamanager 2.0 card is used.

No, it doesn’t manage export limitation per phase. It sums up the value across all the three phases and then adjusts to export limitation

If the DNSP requires export limit on each of the individual phases then a single phase smart meter will need to be used on each phase because the three phase smart meter will not do export limitation per phase. Under this scenario please note that you will not be able to set it up as a single system in Fronius Solar.web

If export limit needs to be done on this site across all the phases then a three phase smart meter will need to be used. If the DNSP doesn’t require export limitation on each of the individual phases then it’s better to use a three phase smart meter because it will export limit once considering the total consumption across all the phases added together.