Older low flow shower heads simply restrict the flow of water coming out of your shower, this has lead some people to believe that all low flow shower heads are the same and produce an inferior shower experience.  It is important to note that the Methven Kiri Satinjet uses completely different technology to a normal shower. 

What technology you might ask? 

As the name suggests the technology is called Satinjet. Satinjet technology is based on the Venturi effect, where air is sucked in to the shower head through special breather holes to create large droplets of an air/water mixture with maximum surface area for minimum volume. The Satinjet head produces 150,000 of these droplets per minute.

So instead of most of the warm water simply flowing off your skin without imparting any warmth, as it does in a normal shower, the Satinjet covers your skin in a warm cloud of smaller droplets imparting maximum warmth to you even though the flow of water is much less than a regular shower.  In short the Methven Kiri Satinjet is much better and more efficient than a regular shower head, which has to drench you in water to get the same warming effect. 

Benefits of the Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow:

  • Full-body shower experience: Exclusive to Methven. Satinjets colliding twin jets produce over 300,000 droplets of water per second for the ultimate shower experience.
  • Methven revitalises the traditional shower: The traditional shower experience, enhanced by leading-edge Methven technology.
  • Easy DIY installation: Replace your shower rose on your own - no need for a plumber
  • Low Flow technology: The revolutionary Kiri Low Flow range provides a great shower at a flow rate of just less than 5.0 litres per minute

In summary if you want maximum shower for minimum water usage then the Methven Kiri Satinjet ULF is the answer.

Feel free to check out our Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow showerhead webpage for more information and this video below to see the Methven in action:

The optimum operating pressure for the Methven Kiri Satinjet  is 500kPa / 5bar. However the showerhead can operate as low as 150kPa / 1.5bar. Giving you plenty of flexibility.



How do I clean my Methven Kiri Satinjet ultra low flow shower head?

Water contains lime which remains on a surface when the water evaporates. Lime deposits can be prevented from forming by wiping the shower head surface immediately after use.

To clean the chrome-plated shower head surface use a soft cloth, soap and warm water. Never use cleaning agents as they may contain a corrosive acid or a scouring additive.

Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow Cleaning


Here is the installation guide for how to install your Methven Kiri Satinjet ultra low flow shower head/handset

Some notes on installation:

  • After installation, all connections must be checked for leaks.
  • All installations must be carried out in compliance with relevant water regulations.


Remove existing handset from hose. Insert the filter washer into the hose before screwing hose end to your Kiri ultra low flow handset.

Methven Kiri Ultra Low Flow Handset Installation


Remove existing shower head from arm. Remove cap from Kiri ultra low flow handset/shower head. Screw shower head onto arm. Straighten shower head so it is in the correct orientation.

Methven Kiri Satinjet Ultra Low Flow Head Installation